Eddie O'Gorman OBE, steps down as charity Chairman

Message from Eddie

This charity has been part of our family and it was with a very heavy heart that I decided to step down as Chairman in January 2022 after 34 years. In November 1987, days after Jean’s death, Marion and I met Diana, Princess of Wales. Deeply moved by our double tragedy having lost our son Paul to leukaemia in 1987, she became personally involved in the charity, and inaugurated it on 12 January 1988 at Mill Hill Secondary School. It was thanks to Princess Diana that Children with Cancer UK (formerly Children with Leukaemia) came to be. The Princess continued to support us, keeping in touch and giving encouragement to our wonderful supporters until her untimely death in 1997. I am so immensely proud of what we’ve achieved together so far. Thanks to the amazing support of people like you, what started as a small memorial charity is now the national leading research charity into childhood cancer. Children with Cancer UK has funded over 300 projects and raised over £290 million and impacted thousands of children’s lives. When Paul was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL), he had a 60% chance of survival. Today, a child diagnosed with ALL has a 90% chance of survival. Marion and I dedicated most of our lives to helping children and young people facing cancer and their families. While we have so much more to do, I’m confident that one day every child and young person diagnosed with cancer will ring the end of treatment bell thanks to such incredibly kind and generous supporters like you as part of our family. I also have great faith that our new Chairman, David Gibbs, will help take us further towards that vision. Thank you for joining us on this journey and supporting us over the years in Paul and Jean’s legacy. I am most grateful. I hope you will continue to support us in the future.  
Princess Diana walking wearing a red coat with Marion and Eddie OGorman

Eddie O’Gorman’s timeline

  • Parent
  • Founder with Marion
  • Chairman since 1988
Recognised by awards:  
Eddie O'Gorman

Our progress since 1988

  • Our original aim was to raise £100,000 we’ve now raised over £290 million
  • We are the leading national children’s charity dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer
  • We have funded over 300 research projects and 5 research fellowships
  • We’ve helped improve childhood cancer survival rates from 67.3% in 1990 to a predicted 85.5% in 2018.*
*Office of National Statistics (ONS) Childhood cancer survival in England: children diagnosed from 1990 to 2014 and followed up to 2015 and Cancer survival in England: adult, stage at diagnosis and childhood – patients followed up to 2018
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Our breakthroughs

This co-funded research means doctors now have a better understanding of how well a child is responding to different treatments and can tailor them accordingly, saving children from unnecessarily intensive treatment. Detailed genetic profiling of children with cancer and their tumours means treatment plans can be personalised. Doctors are now able to use the latest cancer drugs in a way that is less toxic and results in far fewer longer-term side effects. We’ve provided funding for five crucial research centres in England and Scotland. These research facilities translate important discoveries from the lab into the clinic, to deliver real benefits to young patients. We’ve always organised fun days out and virtual parties for families affected by childhood cancer to enjoy some quality time together and momentarily forget about the worries of their diagnosis. To date we’ve hosted over 75,000 people at our events for families.
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